Up-to-date visualization tools - including animations - support the presentation of modeling results to the client and the public. On the other hand, for complex large models, visual perception of all aspects of the model is also strictly required from the point of view of the modeler while editing input data and analyzing simulation results. FEFLOW provides:

  • Bird's eye and cross-sectional views
  • 3D view
  • 2D and 3D map support
  • Arbitrary combination of model parameters, maps, and visualization styles in each view
  • Clipping and carving
  • Isolines, filled contours, continuous plots, vectors. isosurfaces, streamlines, pathlines, ...
  • Image export in different formats and with customizable resolution
  • Animation and video export
  • Live visualization of current results during simulation

The free software FEFLOW Viewer provides all visualization and postprocessing capabilities without requiring a license for FEFLOW.