Solutions and Extensions

FEFLOW can be customizedĀ and/or extended in three possible ways, using:

  • Plug-ins for the open programming interface IFM
  • Import/export filters for specific file formats (FEFLOW Classic)
  • Customized user interfaces for specific applications (in upcoming versions)

List of existing Plug-ins and filters

For many requirements, there are already existing solutions. Please have a look atĀ the list of existing IFM plug-ins and import/export filters to see if a solution for your task is already available.

FEFLOW can be coupled to MIKE11 by using the interface plug-in IfmMIKE11, available as an extension for FEFLOW.

Plug-in and filter development services

Our experienced team of groundwater specialists and software developers can provide plug-in development and FEFLOW customization services on demand.

Plug-ins functionality includes the following tasks:

  • workflow automation
  • data import
  • additional physical processes
  • coupling to other software
  • parameter dependencies

Please contact our Groundwater Modeling Center for details.