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FEFLOW 6.2 Installation Guide and Demo Exercise
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User Manual 6.2
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White Papers Volume 1
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White Papers Volume 2
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White Papers Volume 3
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White Papers Volume 4
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White Papers Volume 5
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Content of the White Papers

White Papers Vol. I

  1. On the primary variable switching technique for simulating unsaturated-saturated flows
  2. Treatment of free surfaces in 2D and 3D groundwater modeling
  3. Error propagation in the Newton-based solution control of unsaturated flow
  4. A shock-capturing finite-element technique for unsaturated-saturated flow and transport problems
  5. Error norms used in FEFLOW
  6. About the difference between the convective form and the divergence form of the transport equation
  7. About the formulation of hydraulic head boundary (potential) conditions for fluid density-dependen groundwater problems
  8. An efficient method for computing groundwater residence times
  9. Discrete feature modeling of flow, mass and heat transport processes by using FEFLOW
  10. Chemical reactions
  11. Remarks on gas flow modling by using FEFLOW
  12. Steady-state linearized Richards equation for fast solution of unsaturated flow systems (FUSY)
  13. The Petrov-Galerkin least square method (PGLS)
  14. Extended formulations of constraints for Cauchy-type (3rd kind) boundary conditions in FEFLOW
  15. Nonlinear dispersion in density-dependent mass transport
  16. Consistent velocity approximation in the finite-element simluation of density-dependent mass and heat transport processes
  17. Coupled groundwater flow and transport: Thermohaline and 3D convection systems

White Papers Vol. II

  1. Variable-Density Flow and Transport in Porous Media: Approaches and Challenges

White Papers Vol. III

  1. Modeling variable-density problems in 2D horizontally schematized aquifers using projected gravity
  2. Derivation of the coefficients of thermal expansion and compressibility for use in FEFLOW
  3. Using and testing the algebraic multigrid equation solver SAMG in FEFLOW

White Papers Vol. IV

  1. Reactive multi-species transport
  2. Parameter estimation of transient flow problems with PEST in FEFLOW
  3. Benchmarking variable-density flow and transport in porous media containing an inclined fracture
  4. Numerical simulation of variable-density multi-diffusive fingering convection phenomena

White Papers Vol. V

  1. Finite element formulation for borehole heat exchangers in modeling geothermal heating systems by FEFLOW
  2. Derivation of the coefficients of compressibility, thermal expansion and fluid density difference ratio for reproducing aqueous NaCI density