FEFLOW 7.5 Update History

In the following, all relevant software changes between the release version 7.5.0 and the previous are listed.

Update 7.5.1

Released May 2022

New functionality

Sector Item Description
Usability Cloud Simulations FEFLOW / FePEST GUIs support now the use of DHI MIKE Cloud ressources for one or multiple FEFLOW / FePEST runs at the time.
Usability Material Regions Definition of material regions for the 2D/3D Supermesh now with external map files.
Usability Material Regions Visualization of material regions in the 2D Supermesh View.
Usability Borehole Heat Exchanger (BHE) New implementation for assignment of BHEs through external map files via Parameter Association dialog. This functionality supports the assignment of large numbers of BHEs as well as with different BHE datasets.
Numerics Solver PETSc and Hypre Full support of GPU-accelerated AMG solver with PETSc and HYPRE.
Extensions Hydrodynamics Several major improvements to piMIKE1D for the coupling between FEFLOW and MIKE1D
Console New switch -logcpu Possibility to record the CPU usage and number of iterations of a specific solver during a batch run.

Fixed issues

Relevance Fixed issue
Medium Software crash after deleting DFEs with dual-node connectors is fixed.
Medium Memory leak with PARDISO solver is fixed.
Medium Python callback postLoadTimeStep() is fixed
Medium Steady-state age multi-species transport is supported again.
Low The recording of unsaturated-flow parameters by doc.enableParameterRecording is fixed.
Low Visualization of time-varying material data for partially-unstructured meshes is fixed.
Low Better handling of refine mesh operation for cases with 1D-arbitrary DFEs.
Low Improvements in Kriging interpolation within the FePEST context.
Low FEFLOW plug-ins can now be attached to DAC files.
Low The assignment of Multilayer wells via Parameter Association is fixed.
Low Refreshement issue in the Subdomain Rate Budget panels has been fixed.
Low Assignment of boundary conditions using polygonal map files is now possible.
Low Option "Assign multiple" is fixed now for Unsaturated-flow parameters.
Low Export conductvity values from a DAC Resul file now does not produce duplicate values.
Low Modulation functions are now dropped after changing the Problem Class from Transient to Steady-State.
Low Several improvements to the assignment of BHE via the Parameter Asssociation dialog have been done.
Low Overlapping of isoline labels in high-resolution monitors is fixed.
Low Performance issue by loading large FePEST *.fps files is fixed.
Low 2D Polylines in FEFLOW *.fem files are not lost anymore after exporting the FEM document from FePEST.
Low License error of FEFLOW DHI plug-ins via Python is fixed.
Low Several improvements of Snapshot export in cross-sectional views are done.
Low Parameter definitions in FePEST using DFEs is now fixed.
Low Software crash by using macro in 3D Layer Configurator is now fixed.

Update 7.5.0

Released November 2021

New functionality

Sector Item Description
Usability Material Regions New conceptual modelling approach for defining material information before generating a mesh. Support of material regions and parameter lookup tables for fast model updates.
Usability Selection management Possibility to group (ungroup) selections, sort selections and do operations of content/budget analysis at the group level.
Numerics Solver PETSc New solver package PETSc including Krylov-based methods, AMG solver and GPU-accelerated preconditioning.
Numerics Solver SAMG Support of new SAMG version 2020 for enhanced memory management and improved parallelization.
Numerics Error norms Separate error norm type and tolerance per problem class (flow, mass and heat).
Usability BHE and BHE Interconnector A new input unit (Energy demand) for BHE configuration.
Usability Support of DFS2 files A new file import of DFS2 files (e.g., MIKE SHE results) is supported.
Usability Material assignment New data regionalization method “Area-weighted Projection”.
Usability Velocity calculation Significant performance improvement for the velocity calculation in models with BC constraints, and discrete feature elements and Multilayer wells.
FePEST Support of PEST++ package PEST++ includes a new model run manager, IES and GLM.
IFM / Python Several APIs Access to more than 20 new APIs to support the new conceptual modelling approach.
IFM / Python Multi-threading control New multi-threading control for FEFLOW Python runs.
Console New solver switch New option to perform a switch in the equation solver in the FEFLOW console.
Extensions FEFLOW Hydrodynamics Custom Feature “Hydrodynamics” for analyzing the interaction between surface water and groundwater (coupling FEFLOW and MIKE 1D engines).

Fixed issues

Relevance Fixed issue
Medium FEFLOW MS plug-in is updated to support latest MS Office's updates.
Medium Software crash during assignment of more then one BHE is fixed.
Low Exporting multiple time-steps in DAC file is fixed.
Low Anisotropy setting via Python is fixed.
Low Labeling of MLW curve names is consistent with previous versions.
Low Visualization of BHE links is fixed.
Low Values of BHE Editor are now editable.
Low Numerical precision used for exporting to external files is improved.