What is FEFLOW?

FEFLOW is a professional software package for modeling fluid flow and transport of dissolved constituents and/or heat transport processes in the subsurface.

FEFLOW contains pre- and post processing functionality and an efficient simulation engine. A user-friendly graphical interface provides easy access to the extensive modeling options.

FEFLOW is a completely integrated system from simulation engine to graphical user interface. It also includes a public programming interface for user code.

FEFLOW is used by leading consulting firms, research institutes, universities and government organizations all over the world. Its scope of application ranges from simple local-scale to complex large-scale simulations.

FEFLOW is developed by DHI-WASY GmbH, the German branch of the DHI Group.


September 21-25, 2015
Berlin, Germany

Building on the huge success of the previous FEFLOW conferences, FEFLOW 2015 will feature numerous opportunities for business networking, exchanging ideas and further improving your modelling skills.

More details can be found on the conference website.

  • FEFLOW 2012
  • Penta hotel and Köpenick Castle

1st Workshop

Numerical Geothermal Simulation at TUM

April 8/9, 2015

1st Workshop of Numerical Geothermal Simulation

This workshop at the Technische Universität München is addressed to people who are dealing with numerical geothermal simulation and prognosis especially in the context of geothermal energy for practical issues or research topics.

For more information or registration, please contact THE ACADEMY by DHI.

FEFLOW Essentials

A new package for groundwater modeling

With our new FEFLOW Essentials license, you can now take advantage of FEFLOW’s effective concepts, tools and workflows for your everyday projects at an attractive price.

FEFLOW Essentials

FEFLOW Essentials provides all FEFLOW functionality for:

  • Regional groundwater modeling in 2D and 3D,
  • Single-species solute transport with sorption and 1st order reaction,
  • Heat transport in groundwater and porous media, and
  • Groundwater age, lifetime expectancy and exit probability computation.

For more information on FEFLOW Essentials, click here.


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