2nd International FEFLOW User Conference

14-18 September, 2009
Potsdam, Germany

The past FEFLOW conference attracted more than 120 participants from all over the world. For three days, various kinds of FEFLOW applications and theoretical aspects of modelling fluid flow, solute and heat transport in porous media were discussed.

Besides the official conference program, the conference venue Inselhotel Hermannswerder and the city of Potsdam provided a perfect scenery for informal meetings and sightseeing.

A photo album and the keynote presentations are available on the Conference page, while some pictures of the pre and post conference training courses can be found on the Training page.

Many thanks to the keynote lecturers and presenters - it was especially you who made the conference a successful event. We would also like to thank all the participants for coming and hope that you have enjoyed the conference as much as we have!

Conference Venue
W. Kinzelbach, C. Simmons, H.-J. Diersch
C. Simmons and E. Frind
The audience
Prices for D. Abbey / C. Gabriel
Development Team
Poster Session
C. Simmons
E. Frind
R. Rosati