Existing IFM Plug-ins

Plug-ins for the FEFLOW programming interface IFM can be used to extend FEFLOW's functionality, to replace internal functionality, to couple other simulation or database software and to automate workflows.

The following list provides information about existing plug-ins for the programming interface, developed by both DHI-WASY and FEFLOW users. Their status and the conditions to obtain the plug-ins might be quite different, so please contact the respective developer for additional information.

If you would like your plug-in(s) to be listed here, please send an email to DHI-WASY.


Basic Information



Creates 1D vertical DFE with properties according to the bore-well condition where a multi-layer well is present.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Allows to calculate the difference, sum, product or quotient of a nodal or elemental reference distribution under FEFLOW Standard User Interface. Can be applied to other properties using copy&paste functions.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Thermodynamic model for the density of water, incorporating pressure and temperature effects (Temp = 0 ... 350° C and p = 0 ... 100 MPa). See also White Papers Vol. III chapter 2.

Dr. Fabien Magri, GFZ Potsdam, fabienma@gfz-potsdam.de


Simulates a heat sink/source attached to a BHE by setting a time-varying temperature or heat power differential curve between the inlet and the outlet.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


The plug-in regards the fluid density related to temperature, pressure and concentration and sets the fluid density after each timestep for all matrix and discrete feature elements. The following reference values for concentration C_0 = 0 g/l, C_S = 350000 mg/l, pressure p_0 = 100 kPa, p = 10MPa and temperature T_0 = 0C, T = 350C were set. The density equation of state was adjusted by means of sodium chloride concentration.

Dr. Guido Blöcher, GFZ Potsdam, bloech@gfz-potsdam.de; Dr. Fabien Magri, GFZ Potsdam, fabienma@gfz-potsdam.de

Calculate Layer Thickness

Allows the calculation and visualization of layer thickness in the FEFLOW 6 Standard GUI.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Creates reference distributions for the minimum and maximum occuring angle of each element. Angle values are calculated when the plug-in is loaded and are updated after any change of the mesh geometry.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


This plug-in calculates density effects due to pressure and temperature changes in Discrete Fracture Elements (DFE) and finite elements. Density is calculated using the same equations as the BetaGamma IFM plug-in, incorporating pressure and temperature effects (Temp = 0 ... 350° C and p = 0 … 10Mpa).

Dr. Guido Blöcher, bloech@gfz-potsdam.de, GFZ Potsdam, Germany


Calculate node-values from element-values ([e]lement 2 [n]odes) The plug-in evaluates solely the uppermost slice. As a prerequisite an elemental reference distribution name E2N has to be set with a specific - variable value. The plug-in sets a nodal 2nd type boundary condition with a value equal to the elemental reference value.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Exports the water content in unsaturated simulations at each node and each time step along with the coordinates (XYZF) to a text file.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Loads a text file with observation locations and writes a text file with head, concentration, and temperature values for the points during the simulation.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Root water uptake from the complete Feddes model. The parameters required for Feddes model implementation such as the number of sink elements considered, the value of pressure head of each sink element and the stress function as well as the width and the area of the root zone, were computed during the simulation period and summarized  in ASCII file (*.out1).

Dr Z. Thomas; Agrocampus ouest & Geosciences Rennes, France, zthomas@univ-rennes1.fr


Values of the heat conductivity were determined by laboratory experiments at 20C and were corrected by its temperature dependence. Based on a correlation equation by [Somerton1992], the module uses experimental data for the prediction of the effects of temperature on heat conductivity on fully saturated sandstones. Therefore, the heat conductivity of the solid at any point of the reservoir with a defined temperature can be calculated.

Dr. Guido Blöcher, GFZ Potsdam, bloech@gfz-potsdam.de


Couples FEFLOW to the 2D hydrodynamic simulation system Hydro_AS-2D.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Couples FEFLOW to the 1D hydrodynamic simulation system MIKE11.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Depending on the problem class this plug-in imports initial conditions (heads, temperatures, masses) for every slice within a single step.

Björn Kaiser, kaiser@gfz-potsdam.de


Imports conductivities and specific storage for all mesh elements from a text file. Used for transferring data from FracMan (by Golder Assoc.) to FEFLOW.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Imports material properties from a simple data file to be assigned to specified location at simulation start. Used for an simplified setup of PEST optimizations and similar applications.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de

Interface to TECPLOT

Exports hydraulic heads and optionally concentrations to TECPLOT *.plt format (TECPLOT release 10), so that TECPLOT can be used to postprocess and visualize the results. 2-D and 3-D models with triangular and quadrangular discretization are supported. For

Dr. C. Braun, BCE Koblenz, c.braun@bjoernsen.de

Isotropic conductivities

Sets kyy and (optionally) kzz equal to kxx before starting a simulation, therefore reducing the data input effort for isotropic conditions and reducing the possible sources of error.

Dr. C. Braun, BCE Koblenz, c.braun@bjoernsen.de


Sets Kzz and Kyy equal to Kxx when entering the simulator.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Simulates filling and draining of a lake on top of the FEFLOW model. Source code only! Has to be adapted by the user.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Calculate temperature dependent thermal conductivity of the solid, following Zoth and Hänel (1988).

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Leakage boudary condition (flow exchange between a river and groundwater) for large scale groundwater models. The plug-in enables single node 3rd order boundary conditions in 2D- and 3D-models. Leakage parameters (leakage coefficient for inflow and outflow

Bernhard Becker, RWTH Aachen, Institut für Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft, b.becker@iww.rwth-aachen.de

Maximum head

Exports the maximum hydraulic head at each node during a simulation to an ASCII file.

Dr. C. Braun, BCE Koblenz, c.braun@bjoernsen.de

Min/Max Head Logger

Min/Max Head Logger ermittelt während einer transienten Simulation für jeden Knoten den maximalen und minimalen aufgetreten Knotenwert für Head und legt diesen in einer Referenzverteilung ab. Zusätzlich wird auf gleiche Weise der zeitl. Mittelwert per Kno

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Calculates the heat flow along a ground heat exchanger based on the assumption of a constant temperature along the heat exchanger.

Holger Kaiser, kaiser@gf-tec.com


Writes a text file with head, concentration and temperature values for all observation points during the simulation.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Writes a file containing the boundary flow values for all observation point groups. The file is written during the simulation, therefore the plug-in is for example useful for batch simulations.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Sets the extraction temperature plus a temperature differential at the injection node of an open loop geothermal system. Unlimited number of separate systems in the model, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup for cooling towers (with hard-coded characteristics).

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


The OpenLoopQt plug-in is designed for applying a time-varying heating or cooling power demand between groups of abstraction and injection boreholes for open-loop geothermal systems. The plug-in calculates the minimum required fluid flow through the system considering heat pump and heat exchanger properties and applies the resulting fluid flow and temperature conditions to the model. Current fluid flow and temperature differentials can be monitored in diagrams, and warning messages indicate situations when the power demand cannot be fulfilled.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Couples the parameter estimation tool PEST to FEFLOW.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


RiverPrototypes facilitates the transition from steady-state modelling to transient models in case that the temporal behaviour of many river nodes (transfer boundary conditions) is based on the same prototype function, differing only in the reference (steady-state) water level or the reference elevation.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Takes river bottom elevations defined in a reference distribution and adds them to all values in a time series of a transfer boundary condition at the same node. The time series represents the time-varying water depth, and the bottom elevation is added.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


set geothermal gradient - setGG - sets an initial 3D temperature distribution according to a gradient defined by a nodal reference distribution and the initial temperature.



SetHeatBC2 sets a Dirichlet heat transport boundary condition for infiltration wells in case of infiltration and removes the boundary condition in case of no infiltration or pumping.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


SetMassBC2 sets a Dirichlet mass boundary condition for infiltration wells in case of infiltration and removes the boundary condition in case of no infiltration or pumping. It works for single or multiple species models.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Calculates and sets transmissivity values in a 2D horizontal confined model from reference distributions for aquifer bottom and top and conductivity.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Calculates root-water uptake in an 2D cross-sectional model by regarding the depth of the root zone.

Dr Z. Thomas; Agrocampus ouest & Geosciences Rennes, France, zthomas@univ-rennes1.fr


Combines the budget analyzer with a domain-decoupling method to accurately calculate internal fluxes between sub-domains of a steady-state model.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Accepts a user-defined sequence of (time, volume)-data pairs and applies each volume value as amount to be infiltrated starting at the respective time. Infiltration is triggered by switching a user-defined boundary section from no-flow to constant head. T

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de

Varying Saltwater Head

Sets equivalent freshwater head bc based on time-series for varying saltwater head, and switches the bc to seepage face above the water table.



Sets and removes boundary conditions and/or constraints for specific time intervals and node groups.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Exports flow velocity vectors and budget values for selected nodes to a text file.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Read xyz coordinates from import+export\data.txt and writes velocities at these xyz-coordinates to a file named velocities.dat after activation

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Applies time-varying power-functions to a number of wells based on a base (prototype) pumping-function scaled by an individual factor for each well.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de


Export of velocity components vx,vy, vz on given pathline locations.

DHI-WASY GmbH, mikebydhi.de@dhigroup@dhi-wasy.de