Programming Interface IFM

The open programming interface IFM provides the possibility to easily extend the standard capabilities of FEFLOW by user-defined functionality.

A number of call-backs in the FEFLOW code can be used to execute user code at specific stages of the modeling process, e.g., whenever the model file is opened or after each time step of a transient simulation. The second component of the interface - a large number of FEFLOW-specific functions - can be used to access nearly all model data in FEFLOW for reading and writing.

Plug-ins for the programming interface are typically programmed in C or C++, external code in other languages can be used via mixed-language programming. The generation of all necessary frame code is conveniently done by a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, thus limiting the required programming skills of the user to the complexity of the specific functionality to be implemented.

A broad variety of plug-ins for the programming interface is already available on demand, and plug-ins are also shared widely within the FEFLOW user community.